Preschool Classrooms

Younger Four’s – Butterflies

Preschool Director Amy Shipman 303-797-7076 x112

butterfliesWhat to look forward to in the Butterflies class…

The Butterflies classroom is an exciting next step for your younger four year old.

They will be given many opportunities to grow in their independence, and to learn to do more complex Self-Care tasks on their own.  They will continue to learn how to cooperate with others, and to express their feelings in appropriate ways.

As their Language and Communication skills are progressing, there will be opportunities to learn the letters in their name, to participate in conversations with their teacher and their friends, and to listen to and retell stories with detail.

Many multi-sensory Literacy activities will be provided to enable your child to review identification of the letters of the alphabet, their corresponding sounds, and to identify the beginning sounds in words. They will become familiar with capital and lower case letters, and practice rhyming sounds.  

They will be so proud to demonstrate their Fine Motor Skills as they practice holding a pencil correctly, and writing their names using capital and lower case letters. Continued opportunities to cut along both simple and complex lines will be provided as well.

Mathematics will be incorporated throughout the school day with calendar time, counting, understanding odd and even numbers, complex patterning, and identifying more complex shapes. 

 Pre-Kindergartners love Science, and they will have many opportunities to investigate, observe, and to use trial and error to solve problems.  They will learn about Body Parts, and will explore the Five Senses and Living and Non-Living things as well.

Art and Music are incorporated throughout the curriculum, and there will be lots of time for singing, painting, coloring, imaginative play and creating!

Finally, Spiritual Development will be a foundation, as we continue to share with each child God’s love for them, and the importance of His Word through Bible stories, monthly Bible Verses, and a monthly focus on a Godly Character Trait.