Preschool Classrooms

Two’s – Caterpillers

Preschool Director Amy Shipman 303-797-7076 x112


What to look forward to in the Caterpillar’s class…

The Caterpillars classroom is an exciting introduction to Preschool for your 2 year-old. They will have many opportunities to make new friends, and to learn how to cooperate with others by expressing their feelings in appropriate ways during both child directed and teacher directed play. 

They will begin to develop Self-Care Skills as they learn to wash their hands, feed themselves, ask for help, and express their needs and wants. 

As their Language and Communication skills are progressing, there will be opportunities to learn to say the letters in their name, to say how old they are, and to identify some colors and animals.

Many multi-sensory Literacy activities will be provided to enable your child to begin to recognize the capital letters of the alphabet, the shapes of the letters and the sounds that go with them. 

They will begin to develop their Fine Motor Skills as they paint with their hands, sponges and paintbrushes, color with a variety of materials, and manipulate play-doh.

Their Gross Motor Skills will be developed each day through large muscle movement, and outdoor play.

Mathematics will be incorporated throughout the school day with calendar time, counting, sorting, and identifying shapes.

 2 year olds love Science, and they will have many opportunities to investigate, observe, and to use trial and error to solve problems.  They will learn about body parts, and will explore the Five Senses as well.

Art and Music are incorporated throughout the curriculum, and there will be lots of time for singing, painting, coloring, imaginative play and creating!

Finally, Spiritual Development will be a foundation, as we share with each child God’s love for them, and the importance of His Word through Bible stories, Bible Verses, and a monthly focus on a Godly Character Trait.