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George & Janie Gardner

Seasons of Marriage

Spring – Spring is the season in which we begin our marriage. This is a wonderful and fresh stage in our relationship, but like all seasons, it will pass all too soon.

Summer – The summer season in marriage is where children are brought into the picture. This is when we start a family and put our careers into high gear.

Fall – Fall season is the proverbial “empty nest” stage. It is a time when couples have the opportunity to reconnect as the whirlwind of child rearing has finally calmed.

Winter – This is the final season in a marriage, in many ways. After reconnecting in the Fall, this season can be much like Spring, where the focus is once again on one another. While it can be a time of many adjustments, it is also a wonderful season to truly express our love to our spouse.

Each season of marriage brings new joys and new challenges. Couples must continually work to ensure that their relationship will endure the many Seasons of Marriage. Whatever season you find yourselves, God’s plan for you and your spouse is to be prosperous in your marriage relationship.

Our purpose is to help couples navigate the four seasons of marriage. We are available to assist couples by offering:

• Pre-marital mentoring
• Crisis mentoring for couples who find themselves struggling to resolve issues
• Marriage Retreats, Seminars, Sunday School Classes

If you would like more information, please contact George and Janie Gardner at seasonsofmarriage@livingwayfellowship.org.